Imagine that there exists, somewhere in the universe, a complete musician. There does exist such a being, and his name is Regi Yarbrough.  Born and raised in Alabama, he sung his first solo in church at age 4, and started playing piano at age 8. His teen years were spent studying classical piano and saxophone. During this time, Yarbrough also began studying jazz, hip-hop, R&B, rock, and gospel music, which is the primary stylistic inspiration for his new self-titled album. During this time he became the pianist/saxophonist for his home church, played lead tenor saxophone in the Birmingham Youth Jazz Ensemble, and attended high school at the Alabama School of Fine Arts.

Yarbrough’s unique way of hearing, seeing, and interpreting life is the focus of his debut album "4 Right Turns". Over the years, during his artistic voyages, he has gradually familiarize himself with all musical styles and several instruments, earning him the title "utility man" by one of his jazz professors because of his versatility. He is a man with a "will that exceeds that of most people." This gifted musician/singer, songwriter, arranger, scorer, and producer has captured the hearts of many, and his "never give up" mentality is what will help him fulfill his goals as he travels the world.